Meet the Equator Prize 2017 Winners

Fifteen communities advancing nature-based local solutions for sustainable development

What does it take to create the future we want? These communities know.


Help us support outstanding community efforts in managing nature for local development

The Equator Initiative provides opportunities for indigenous peoples and local communities around the world to address the challenges of land degradation, biodiversity conservation and livelihood improvement in a socially equitable manner


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We believe in the power of knowledge sharing, Equator Initiative's E-Library provides a series of publications, case studies and other resources specifically created to be shared among the communities, partners and  government. Explore our E-Library


Explore our media library, discover hundreds of pictures and videos from the local communities and indigenous peoples . Discover our Multimedia Archives


The Equator Initiative is a multi-sector partnership that brings together the United Nations, governments, civil society, and grassroots organizations. Meet Our Partners 


Since 2002 Equator Initiative has been supporting 208 local communities and indigenous peoples from 70 countries  that are advancing nature-based solutions for local sustainable development.

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