Community Aldeia Day 5
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The Community Aldeia participants spent Sunday June 17th enjoying a well-earned rest - we spent the day sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro, including the Botanical Gardens, Floresta da Tijuca, and of course O Cristo Redentor. Check out the pictures below, including the view from the top, and an Equator Prize winner in a Brazilian newspaper!Field Trip!

Day_5_photo1 Day_5_photo2



Clockwise from top left: Bagus, Gamil, Said, Khalil, and Eva; Fatima in the newspaper; Bagus at O Cristo Redentor; the view from the top; Ipanema at night; on the road; Farhana, Pedro, Gamil, Eva, Bagus, Martin, Khalil, and Mohamed at Floresta da Tijuca. Check out for more!