2006 News
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26 December 2006
Two Bolivian technicians of the project of CERAI in this country visit Valencia
Capitana del Alto y Bajo Izozog (CABI)

15 November 2006
Beset by Violence, Colombia's Nasa Women Resist (Z Net)
Proyecto Nasa

1 October 2006
Celebrating the Power of Community-based Commercial Ventures

(Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity)
UNDP Equator Initiative

25 September 2006
2006 Global Ocean Conservation Award (Sea Web)
Fiji Locally-Managed Marine Area Network

22 September 2006
Abren convocatoria Iniciativa Ecuador
(El Colombiano)
UNDP Equator Initiative

21 September 2006
Convocan al Premio Ecuador en 2006 (La Republica)
UNDP Equator Initiative 

20 September 2006
UN WIRE (United Nations Foundation)
UNDP Equator Initiative

7 September 2006
Honey Care Africa Launches Products in U.S. Market (Natures Craddle Foods)
Honey Care Africa

31 August 2006
Lancement du Prix Equateur 2006
(Media Terre)
UNDP Equator Initiative

29 August 2006
Lancement du Prix Equateur 2006 (Infos de la Planete)
UNDP Equator Initiative

3 August 2006
Café de la Selva, Mexico, Equator Prize Finalist 2002
(Berkeley Environmental Leadership Program Newsletter)
Café de la Selva

18 June 2006
Community Taba – Local Voices for a Global Vision (Communication Initiative Network)
UNDP Equator Initiative

18 June 2006
Supporting Local Entrepreneurs and Sustainability
(UN Business Focal Point)
UNDP Equator Initiative

8 June 2006
Fiji Leaders Receive Global Ocean Conservation Award

Fiji Locally-Managed Marine Area Network

1 June 2006
Ecolodge Brings Stewardship, Sustainable Livelihoods to African Island Paradise

(Conservation International)

24 May 2006
UribeÍs Undemocratic and Insecure Colombia (Upside Down World)
Proyecto Nasa

3 May 2006
Escalas de preservação (Instituto de Pesca, Governo Sao Paulo)
Red de Mujeres Productoras y Comercializadores de Plantas Medicinales y Aromatics

30 April 2006
COP8 and Community Taba (UNDP Energy and Environment News)
UNDP Equator Initiative

22 April 2006
Ascension Sends Rep to Convention on Island Biodiversity (Falkland Islands News Net)
UNDP Equator Initiative

17 April 2006
Equator Initiative Partnering to Scale-up Community-based Conservation
(UN Chronicle)
UNDP Equator Initiative

17 April 2006
Chibememe Earth Healing Association Active towards reforestation, watershed protection, and the conservation of traditional crops and seeds
(Dropping Knoqwledge.org)

30 March 2006
Celebrating Success, Sharing Knowledge, Informing Policy (Earth Negotiations Bulletin)
UNDP Equator Initiative

24 March 2006
Local Action for Global Change
(Common Dreams.org)
KAMICYDI, Yawanawa

21 March 2006
Natural Resource Management and Indigenous Peoples in Asia and Pacific
Kalinga Mission for Indigenous Communities and Youth Development

20-31 March 2006
Indigenous Forum at CBD COP 8: The Protection of Traditional Knowledge (ENB)
International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity

27 March 2006
Tribals to benefit from renewal of licence for herbal drug (The Hindu)
UNDP Equator Initiative

20-31 March 2006
8th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity
(COP 8)
UNDP Equator Initiative

24 March 2006
(TMC News)
UNDP Equator Initiative

23 March 2006
Indios de 10 regiýes do Paös süo recebidos por Requiüo no Palàcio Igua­u
Frutasã, Industria e Comércio Exportação Ltda

23 March 2006
Tubo de ensaio de um mundo possóvel (Canais ONRARPC)
UNDP Equator Initiative

23 March 2006
Local Action for Global Change (IPS News)
Kalinga Mission for Indigenous Children and Youth Development, Inc. (KAMICYDI)

17 March 2006
Promoting People, Islands, and Protected Areas in Conservation
(Conservation Intl.)
UNDP Equator Initiative

16 March 2006
New Support for Green Entrepreneurs (Conservation Intl.)
UNDP Equator Ventures

14 February 2006
Talamanca Initiative highlighted in Ecosystem Marketplace (Ecosystems Marketplace)
Iniciativa Talamanca

1 February 2006
Brasilien bereitet sich auf die COP 8 vor (Tropenwaldnetzwerk Brasilien)
UNDP Equator Initiative

20 January 2006
Energy & Environment Practice News Update #9 (UNDP News)
UNDP Equator Initiative

6 January 2006
US firm patents Kerala tribe's Jeevani (India Monitor)
Kerala Kani Samudaya Kshema Trust