Equator Prize 2014 Selection Criteria
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Bubbles Jan 31Equator Prize 2014 winners will be selected by a Technical Advisory Committee of leading international environment and development experts based on the following criteria:

Impact: Initiatives that have improved community wellbeing and local livelihoods through sustainable natural resource management and/or environmental conservation of land-based and/or marine resources.

Sustainability: Initiatives that can demonstrate enduring institutional, operational and financial sustainability.

Innovation and Transferability: Initiatives demonstrating new approaches that overcome prevailing constraints and offer knowledge, experience and lessons of potential relevance to other communities.

Leadership and Community Empowerment:  Initiatives demonstrating leadership that has inspired action and change consistent with the vision of the Equator Initiative, including policy and/or institutional change, the empowerment of local people, and the community management of protected areas.

Empowerment of Women and Social Inclusion: Initiatives that promote the equality and empowerment of women and/or marginalized groups.

Resilience, Adaptability, and Self-Sufficiency: Initiatives demonstrating adaptability to environmental, social and economic change, resilience in the face of external pressures, and improved capacity for local self-sufficiency.

Special Recognition Categories

The theme of the Equator Prize 2014 is local biodiversity and ecosystem-based solutions
to climate change. Special recognition will be awarded in the areas of:

• Smallholder agriculture and food security
• Sustainable land management
• Forest management (including REDD+)
• Ecosystem restoration
• Sustainable energy
• Water security
• Disaster risk reduction