Community Kraal

Community Kraal at the World Summit 2002


What is the Community Kraal?

  • A celebration of local community action for sustainable development.
  • A "home" where community members from around the world meet during the World Summit to engage with other communities working to advance sustainable development, to share experiences, influence Summit outcomes, and effect change.
  • A showcase for the victories of grassroots communities from around the world who, in the face of great obstacles, have achieved great success in building a more sustainable future for us all.

Why is there a Community Kraal?

The Community Kraal at Ubuntu Village, Johannesburg played a vital role in the life of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD). The Community Kraal provided the opportunity for community voices to be heard at the WSSD. The Kraal was dedicated to creating opportunities for spotlighting stories from the grassroots - sustainable development victories won by community level action - around the world and to encouraging dialogue about the future challenges facing communities. By promoting and facilitating community-to-community discussions, events, and presentations, the Kraal will serve as a showcase for the largely unsung work of communities to bring about real solutions to the global development challenges being addressed at the WSSD. This local work and the successes that are showcased are of fundamental importance because they are tangible proof that the ultimate goal of the Summit, global sustainable development, is achievable.

Who was at the Community Kraal?

Community representatives from around the world met at the Community Kraal during the WSSD. A home-base for communities and a focal point for their work, the Kraal was the showcase for local community efforts for sustainable development at the Summit.

Representatives of the 27 finalist communities for the Equator Prize 2002 were active participants in the life of the Kraal as were numerous members of other community groups from throughout the world. As a home-base, the Kraal provided a forum for the finalist communities to share and exchange ideas and innovations for poverty reduction and biodiversity conservation with other finalist communities and with representatives of communities from around the world who also share their dedication to grass-roots action for sustainable development.

The Equator Initiative is a proud founding partner of the Community Kraal.The partners that worked to make the Community Kraal a reality are Africa Resources Trust, BrasilConnects, Canada, Future Harvest, National Botanical Institute of South Africa, The Nature Conservancy, Television Trust for the Environment, The United Nations Foundation, United Nations Development Programme, Conservation International, Equator Initiative, The Ford Foundation, GROOTS International, Group of Like-Minded Megadiverse Countries, IDRC - International Development Research Centre, and IUCN - The World Conservation Union.






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