Collectif des Groupements d'Interest Economiques des Femmes pour la Protection de la Nature (COPRONAT, Collective of Women’s Groups for the Protection of Nature)

This collective brings together women’s groups from communities bordering the Popenguine Nature Reserve, a 1,000-hectare coastal reserve located in the Thies region of Senegal. Since the creation of the reserve in 1986 to prevent over-harvesting of marine resources and degradation of mangrove forests, the park’s authorities have sought to involve local communities in its management. Volunteer groups of women began forming to help reforest sections of mangrove forest in the late-1980s, eventually leading to the creation of COPRONAT in 1996.

Comprising more than 1,500 women organized in economic interest groups (Groupements d’Intérêts Economiques) in eight villages, the collective’s work has focused on rehabilitating ecosystems and resources that underpin the local economy. Its successes have included the creation of the co-managed Community Nature Reserve of Somone, and the operation of revolving credit funds that catalyze alternative livelihood activities such as ecotourism.


Key Facts 

Equator Prize Winner: 2006

Founded: 1989

Location: Thies, 80 km south of Dakar

Beneficiaries: 9 villages

Biodiversity: 1,000-ha Popenguine Nature Reserve


Case Study

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Collectif des Groupements d’Intérêts Economiques des Femmes pour la Protection de la Nature (COPRONAT) - Senegal (FR)

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 Equator Prize 2006

Sub-Saharan Africa

 Biodiversity Conservation

 Ecoagriculture and Food Security

 Sustainable Forestry

 Marine and Coastal Resource Management

 Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change

 Sustainable Energy


Contact Information

Madame Woulimata THIAO, Présidente du COPRONAT,
BP 10 Popenguine
Tel : (00221) 632 19 71 / (00221) 957 72 51
Fax : (00221) 957 72 52
Email : ;


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