Fundación San Crisanto (San Crisanto Foundation)

Fundación San Crisanto (San Crisanto Foundation) focuses on mangrove restoration and flood prevention in a region that consistently faces heavy rainfall and flooding. Since the Foundation's establishment, over 11,300 metres of canals have been restored, and 45 cenotes have been delisted and rehabilitated. As a result, flood risk is reduced and populations and diversity of endemic wildlife in the cenotes and mangrove forests have increased. Restoration efforts have generated 60 jobs and local household incomes have increased substantially.

To complement to its restoration efforts, the Foundation undertakes community education and awareness-raising, emphasising the value of wetland and mangrove conservation for local livelihoods and as a natural buffer against floods.


Key Facts 

Equator Prize Winner: 2010

Founded: 2001

Location: Yucatán, Mexico

Beneficiaries: 150 families, 570 total residents

Biodiversity: 850 hectares of mangroves, 167 bird species


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 Biodiversity Conservation

 Sustainable Forestry

 Marine and Coastal Resource Management

 Freshwater Management

 Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change


Contact Information

José Inés Loria Palma
Calle 30 135 x 27A, San Crisanto, YUCATAN
97420, Mexico
Tel: (52) 999 926 0236


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