Komunitas Adat Muara Tae

Komunitas Adat Muara Tae is a community of Dayak people in Kalimantan fighting for the protection of their customary forests.  Of their original 11,000 hectares of land, only 4,000 hectares remain, the rest having been lost to illegal clear-cutting by palm oil, mining, and logging companies. Through community mapping, demarcation of their traditional territory, and advocacy with government and industry, the group is working to achieve legal recognition of their land rights.  The community has replanted more than 700 hectares of forest with traditional wood and fruit trees that are becoming increasingly rare due to land clearing for extractive industries.  The movement was formed as a means of struggle and cooperation, a way of maintaining, safeguarding, and preserving their culture and the natural resources in the customary forest.  Komunitas Adat Muara Tae is a model of peaceful community resistance for forest protection in Indonesia – one community fighting with dignity for their survival.


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Contact Information

Komunitas Adat Muara Tae
Olvy Tumbelaka, AMAN
Email: olvy_tumbelaka@yahoo.com
Languages: Bahasa, English


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