Komunitas Ngata Toro (Ngata Toro Community)

The Komunitas Ngata Toro's 22,300 hectares of traditional lands lie partly within Lore Lindu National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve located on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Since 1993, two local organizations have worked to strengthen traditions, customary laws, and local institutions for sustainable use of forest, land and water resources.

The Organization for the Indigenous Women of Ngata Toro Village (Organisasi Perempuan Adat Ngata Toro - OPANT) and the Institute for Indigenous People of Ngata Toro Village have promoted the sustainable harvesting of non-timber forest products, low-impact agriculture, fish farming, and ecotourism in and around the national park. Following the recognition of their traditional lands in 2001, the community has developed a series of regulations governing resource use within its boundaries.


Key Facts 

Equator Prize Winner: 2004

Founded: 1993

Location: Ngata Toro Village, Sulawesi island

Beneficiaries: Indigenous people of Ngata Toro Village

Biodiversity: Lore Lindu National Park


Case Study

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Contact Information

Jopi Peranginangin
Yayasan Tunas Harapan Manado
Sulawesi Utara 95116
Tel: 451-425128
Email: jopi@aman.or.id


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