Maya Leaders Alliance of Southern Belize

This coalition of Maya organizations and leaders collectively work to promote the long-term wellbeing of the Maya people and to defend collective rights to their territories. The alliance achieved a landmark legal victory in 2015, which affirmed that the 39 Q’eqchi and Mopan Maya indigenous communities of southern Belize have rights to the lands that they have historically used and occupied. This historic legal affirmation – which states that traditional land rights constitute property, equal in legitimacy to any other form of property under Belizean law – is the first indigenous peoples land rights victory in the Caribbean region. In addition to providing mobilization, outreach, advocacy, and legal support on customary land rights, the Maya Leaders Alliance is active in sustainable forest management and environmental conservation efforts. Village funds are used to improve services in education, health, and infrastructure for Mayans living across 39 villages.


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Pablo Miss
Tel: +501 66 21 663
Languages: English, Mayan


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