Medicinal Plants Conservation Centre

The Medicinal Plants Conservation Centre encourages conservation, supports local livelihoods, and improves the health of rural communities in the Indian state of Maharashtra, focusing on the revitalization of traditional health practices and the use of medicinal plants. In cooperation with the state Forest Department, and with local communities in the lead, MPCC uses nurseries and commercial herbal production centers to sell sustainably cultivated medicinal plants.

The organization oversees a network of 13 medicinal plant conservation areas, which have formal state recognition and cover an area of over 200 hectares. Local management committees have formed in each area to manage the nurseries, and seed funds are provided to initiate production of herbal drugs as a local enterprise. The establishment of nurseries, demonstration plots, nature trails, and ecotourism sites has helped restore traditional health knowledge and folk traditions associated with medicinal plants.


Key Facts 

Equator Prize Winner: 2002

Founded: 1999

Location: Maharashtra, India

Beneficiaries: 310 members

Biodiversity: 26 threatened plant species


Case Study

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Contact Information

Mrs. Rajashree  and Mr. Sarish Elkunchwar
Medicinal Plants Conservation Centre
Mukundnagar, Gultekdi
Pune 411 037
Tel: (91-20) 4266629, 5270216
Fax: (91-20) 5270216


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