Muskitia Asla Takanka (MASTA)

An indigenous federation that represents the Miskitus of the Honduran Mosquitia, MASTA works to protect indigenous territorial rights and culture, strengthen local governance and natural resource management, and improve regional health and education systems.  The group protects a large part of the remaining intact rainforest in Honduras, approximately 1.2 million hectares or 7 percent of the national territory. MASTA represents all 60,000 Miskitus people in Honduras and has used social mobilization, skillful negotiation, creative communications strategies and alliance building to secure titles for Miskitus territories. MASTA is the first indigenous organization in Central America to develop their own 'bio-cultural protocol' as a mechanism to defend the collective right of the Miskitus to free, prior, and informed consent on proposed development projects in their territories. The federation has helped the Miskitu defend their territories from ranchers, drug traffickers, and palm oil and petroleum companies. Through land titling, the group has significantly decreased rates of deforestation and helped create sustainable livelihood options in the areas of forest management, small-scale fisheries, and organic agriculture.


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Muskitia Asla Takanka (MASTA)

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