Proyecto Nasa (Nasa Project)

The Proyecto Nasa (Nasa Project) aims to increase the political and organizational capacity of Colombia's indigenous Páez peoples, who have been disproportionately affected by violence in the Cauca region. By strengthening regional political autonomy and exercising their political rights, the indigenous groups involved in the project have successfully lobbied for access to a greater share of public funds and services. Their struggle has led to legal recognition of the fundamental rights of indigenous peoples, including recognition of the autonomy of their communal indigenous lands in the 1991 Colombian Constitution.

This work has been complemented by a programme of sustainable natural resource management within the Nasa's indigenous lands, which both border and fall within key protected areas. Sustainable natural resource harvesting and improved agricultural practices have helped to mitigate environmental impacts and underpin sustainable livelihoods for the Nasa people.


Key Facts 

Equator Prize Winner: 2004

Founded: 1980

Location: Cauca

Beneficiaries: Indigenous Nasa population (app. 186,000)

Biodiversity: Los Nevados Protected Area


Case Study

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Contact Information

Jhon Eduardo Amaya Rodriguez
Apartado Aéreo 216,
Santander de Quilichao,
Tel: +57 92 829 8326


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