Rural Green Environment Organization (RGEO)

May 29, 2017







Rural Green Environment Organization (RGEO)

In one of the most remote and poorest provinces in Afghanistan, the Rural Green Environment Organization is working with over 40,000 people across an area of 1,500 square kilometers and 90 villages to promote a model of community development that is based on peace building, environmental regeneration, sustainable livelihoods, and wildlife protection. Following decades of conflict, insecurity, and the overharvesting of natural resources, the initiative is working to restore ecosystem functioning through a community-driven approach. The organization has worked through community elders to create a community-based forum to ban illegal fishing and hunting, improve food security, and restore degraded lands.  Activities include food for work projects, tree nurseries, forest guard patrols, and reforesting with fruit- and nut-bearing trees. The initiative has created 6,150 jobs, constructed five kilometers of irrigation canals, protected two kilometers of river, constructed 125 check dams and 120,000 meters of terracing, and planted over 200,000 trees, including 16 local vine varieties that prevent soil erosion and contribute to food security. Village mosques, schools, and Koran study groups are used to raise awareness of the benefits of environmental conservation. The initiative is a powerful model of landscape restoration and poverty reduction that has the potential to be replicated across the region.


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Rural Green Environment Organization, Afghanistan - Equator Prize 2015 Winner

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 Equator Prize 2015

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