Association Zoramb Naagtaaba (AZN, Zoramb Naagtaaba Association)

Equator Prize for Sustainable Land Management in Sub-Saharan Africa

Developed in response to water scarcity, environmental degradation, declining agricultural yields and high rates of poverty, Association Zoramb Naagtaaba (AZN, Zoramb Naagtaaba Association) brings together 10 villages to restore degraded land through the reintroduction of traditional agricultural approaches. In demonstration plots set up by local farmers, sorghum yields have tripled and space has been created for farmers to learn first-hand about pond and hedge techniques that restore land and improve productivity. In 2013 plant production increased by 55 percent and sales increased by 153 percent compared to 2012. Hedgerows have been used to recover storm water without any further erosion to the land. Tree-planting efforts are improving soil fertility and reducing run-off and degradation. Solar electric fences are used to protect crops from grazing livestock, while agricultural extension services are provided to reach farmers working their own land.


Key Facts 

Equator Prize Winner: 2014

Founded: 1989

Location: Oubritenga and Kourwéogo Provinces, Central
Plateau District, Burkina Faso

Beneficiaries: 10 villages

Area of Focus: Biodiversity, land reclamation


Case Study

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 Equator Prize 2014

Sub-Saharan Africa

 Ecoagriculture and Food Security

 Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change

 Drylands Management


Contact Information

Village de Guiè par Dapélogo
01 BP 551 Ouagadougou 01
Commune de Dapélogo
Oubritenga 01
Burkina Faso


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