Comité de Emergencia Garífuna (CEGAH, Garífuna Emergency Committee)

This women-led initiative arose in 1998 in response to the devastating effects of Hurricane Mitch on sixteen agrarian Garifuna communities. These peoples of Afro-indigenous descent have traditionally been socioeconomically marginalized in Honduras, and their agricultural livelihoods were hard hit by the loss of 70% of the country's crops due to heavy flooding.

Beyond initial disaster relief efforts, the initiative has sought to improve local resilience to future environmental disasters. By conserving forests, incorporating sustainable agricultural practices for hillside farming, adopting appropriate technologies, rehabilitating beaches, and supporting the land reform efforts of disenfranchised Garifuna communities, Comité de Emergencia Garífuna (CEGAH, Garífuna Emergency Committee) is helping to ensure that future generations of Garifuna are able to live prosperously and in balance with healthy ecosystems.


Key Facts 

Equator Prize Winner: 2004

Founded: 1998

Location: Colón




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 Equator Prize 2004

Latin America And The Caribbean

 Biodiversity Conservation

 Ecoagriculture and Food Security

 Sustainable Forestry

 Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change

Marine and Coastal Resource Management

Freshwater Management

 Sustainable Energy


Contact Information

Martín Martinez
Comite de Emergencia Garifuna de Honduras
A.P. No. 67
Trujillo, Colon
Tel: 504-9713-31-00
Fax: 504-434-2518


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