Comunidad Indígena de Manquemapu

May 30, 2017







Comunidad Indígena de Manquemapu

An indigenous community conserved area, Comunidad Indígena de Manquemapu (Indigenous Community of Manquemapu) works to promote sustainable forest management and marine resource conservation as a way of meeting the economic needs of resident indigenous communities. Born in response to external threats from extractive industries, this community-based group manages a large area of alerche forest, focusing on sustainable production practices and the marketing of local products. In nearby coastal areas, the organization has established a fisherman’s union to monitor fishing practices and to ensure compliance with sustainability standards. A revolving fund has been established to create small-scale enterprises, while organization revenues are invested back into local health and education projects.


Key Facts 

Equator Prize Winner: 2014

Founded: 1993

Location: Manquemapu, Purranque Commune, Los Lagos
Region, Chile

Beneficiaries: The community of Manquemapu

Area of Focus: Sustainable management of forest and
marine resources; ecotourism


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Contact Information

Javier Alejandro Ancapan M.
Language: Spanish


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