Tulele Peisa

Facing sea level rise, food shortages due to saltwater flooding, and other threats associated with climate change, this organization has organized for the voluntary relocation of the indigenous peoples of the Carteret Islands.  This is one of the first community-driven ‘climate change refugee’ relocation efforts in the region. Sustainable natural resource management is at the center of Tulele Peisa's work. The organization engages with host communities on the ‘mainland’ island of Bougainville to ensure adequate land, infrastructure, and livelihoods opportunities are available for relocated people.  It also ensures that links are maintained with the culture, land, and resources of the Carteret Islands.  The community-based approach to relocation offers a positive relocation model for other atolls in the region, and has had the unexpected benefit of improving interisland trade, which is serving to enhance local resilience and livelihoods.


Key Facts 

Equator Prize Winner: 2014

Founded: 2006

Location: Carteret Islands, Papua New Guinea

Beneficiaries: 2,700 Carteret Islanders

Area of Focus: Climate change adaptation and reLocation
of climate change refugees


Case Study

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 Equator Prize 2014

Asia And The Pacific

 Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change



Contact Information

Ursula Rakova
Email: rakovaursula@gmail.com
Language(s): English


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