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About the Implementing organization

Name: Northen Development societyon

Country: Ghana

Year of establishment: 2004

Type of organization: Legally recognized non-profit status


NORDESO works in collaboration with institutions and Agencies that possess and demonstrate specific skills that are relevant to the achievement of sustainable development in a Clean Green Environment. Our major collaborators include Research Institutions (SARI), Universities (UDS) and other NGOs with a similar vision and Mission

Nature Element


Type of Action

Protection / Sustainable use / Pollution prevention, clean up / Awareness and education

Sustainable Development Element

Jobs and livelihoods / Food security / Disaster risk reduction / Climate action

Related Sustainable Development Goal(s)


Environmental Impacts

Agric and Natural Resources Management
• Distribution and planting of tree seedlings (Wood and Timber species, Fruits and industrial crops, Medicinal plant species)
• Promotion of biodiversity conservation through training and advocacy
2. Establishment of a nucleus Trees and Tree Crops plantation of 400 hectares each of mango
and cashew and 200 hectares of teak.
3. Extension in Climate Smart Agriculture

Sustainable Development Impacts

Undernutrition in northern Ghana appears to be deeply rooted in lifestyle and daily food consumption patterns. Innovative programming and targeting is therefore required if the situation is to be sustainably addressed. A nutrition intervention that is integrated in nature and strongly linked to the people’s livelihoods and food consumption culture is undoubtedly what the situation calls for.


• Strong Linkages with the people’s livelihoods
• Integration with local diets and food consumption patterns
• Building on local knowhow
• Local/household ownership
• Nontechnical in nature
• Affordability
• Incorporation of Behaviour Change Communication (BCC)
• Long enough in duration to allow for incubation, assimilation and adoption
• Use of existing institutional support systems/structures


1. An innovative and sustainable Moringa production/cultivation model that guarantees an all-year round availability of fresh green Moringa leaves, pods and seeds.
2. Innovative local processing and utilization techniques that empower households to independently process and use Moringa at home in as many different ways as possible
3. Promoting a nutrition-conscious consumption culture through BCC. A consumption culture that is deeply rooted in a strong awareness of the importance of good nutrition to human growth and development, especially of children.
4. Strengthening institutional capacity to support sustainability

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