Sudan Placeholder

Women access to land

About the Implementing organization

Name: Salha Women Peace Farm

Country: Sudan

Year of establishment: 2013

Type of organization: Community-based association or organization


The targeted women groups are very vulnerable coming from war areas, have no access to land and credit or social institution.

Nature Element


Type of Action

Protection / Sustainable use / Mainstreaming into sectors / Access and benefit sharing / Awareness and education / Advocacy for land & water rights

Sustainable Development Element

Jobs and livelihoods / Food security / Disaster risk reduction / Peace and security / Climate action

Related Sustainable Development Goal(s)


Environmental Impacts

This initiative supports climate community resilience through smart agriculture and provision of livelihood option. Moreover, the farm was supported by solar energy for irrigation.

Sustainable Development Impacts

The initiative is within the frame of SDG by following:
1. Addressing poverty
2. Climate change
3. Peace and security
4. Coordination and partnerships


The intake was evaluated, is successfully implemented, and has significant impact and relevance to the context. It was well-built by the government, UN agencies, INGOS, CSOs and community leaders.


Many other groups asking for replication of this model for community climate resilience.

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