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About the Implementing organization

Name: Protein From Waste and Local Crops (PFW)

Country: Grenada

Year of establishment: 2013

Type of organization: Community-based association or organization / Cooperative business


The removal of 13,500 gallons/year of used motor oil by using it for fuel [in a country where no proper method for disposal exists] helps to prevent land degradation and harm to sensitive coastal resource eco-systems. Animal waste from the abattoir is collected and used as a supplement in the feed. Oil used from Kentucky Fried Chicken has also been collected and incorporated into feed thus reducing waste from being discarded into the marine environment.

Nature Element


Type of Action

Pollution prevention, clean up

Sustainable Development Element

Jobs and livelihoods / Food security / Health / Renewable energy / Climate action

Related Sustainable Development Goal(s)


Environmental Impacts

PFW will dispose of 15% of the island’s used motor oil instead of its indiscriminate dumping which creates environmental degradation. The expected output from recycling operations for the whole island’s benefit is: 1000’s of tons of waste intercepted and made into products instead of rotting in the landfill making Methane, a destructive GHG. An energy adaptation strategy of using 15% of Grenada’s harmful waste oil as a fuel improves the project’s economic viability.

Sustainable Development Impacts

Funds to be set aside for the next consecutive LPM purchases thereby regenerating itself in perpetuity. Of the funds provided t o the Co-op from the tranche's 1 & 2: EC $61,510, EC $48,000 has already been reinvested in LPM a second time while EC $13,510 is in the Co-op's account and will be invested in the first March shipment. Of the funds provided to the Co-op from tranche 3: EC $36,500, EC$ 27,78 5 has already been wired out to our supplier for our next shipment due here on 27th February. Finally, a few weeks after that, the remainder of tranche #12 & 3 funds EC $22,225 will be wired out for our first March shipment We then commence another round of shipment and recycle the funds to sales proceed once again. When the last trench comes in it will be used for the purchase of feed.


The project has expanded its production in supplying feed for farmers through out the entire island of Grenada. To date, the plant produces 55000.00 lbs of Low Protein Mix of 50 lbs giving a total of 1100 bags.


This project is the first of its kind in the island of Grenada, the Caribbean and by extension the world. Marketing strategies are now in place to have PFW's feed placed at Agricultural businesses throughout the island at a cost of $33.00 compare to the cost of feed from Caribbean Agro at a cost $42.00.

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