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Create employment opportunity for young women

About the Implementing organization

Name: The Okwangwo Conservation Society (TOCS)

Country: Nigeria

Year of establishment: 2000

Type of organization: Community-based association or organization / Legally recognized non-profit status / Indigenous group or organization


In attempt to find solution to environment problems affecting indigenous people of Okwangwo. many option were explored and we identified soap making using palm oil and caustic soda to produce soap for washing of clothes and bathing. 80 female youth were trained and empowered on soap making with support of global philanthropy Alliance. The purpose is to creat employment opportunity for young women. This innovation is different because we often identified project that we can make use of available local materials in transforming our life. Palm oil is local produce, we only get soda from nearby market to start up. The training processes and establishing the business is simple. soap produced was sold by beneficiaries to community members. part of the interest made is use to sustain the business by acquiring new materials for continuation while also contributing to household income

Nature Element


Type of Action

Mainstreaming into sectors / Access and benefit sharing

Sustainable Development Element

Jobs and livelihoods

Related Sustainable Development Goal(s)

Environmental Impacts

Providing job opportunity for rural dwellers is same as saving forest resources they depend on. There was less pressure on the forest because the young women were engage in soap making rather than depending on harvesting of forest resources to generate income for themselves. They created jobs for themselves and this has help them to take care of their needs.

Sustainable Development Impacts

This sustainable development element identified will generate income for selected young women threreby creating employment opportunity and reducing over dependency on forest and it resources.


The action can be expanded through testimony from beneficiaries. Change of attitude of beneficiaries towards resource use in the forest and their ability to manage and sustain the micro enterprise could bring about a change in their economic status. This will enable them and other community member to expand the scale of business beyound the community


This project was replicated to enage young women and prevent them from engaging in prostitution to avoid the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases. When a project is worthwile, it become easy for others to replicate. Though the project target specific disadvantage member of the community but was replicated by those who find it worthwhile and can affort the materials to begin their individuals business.
The training process, provide opportuinty for observers and allow them to particpate actively. This was with the aim of replication. At present, most secondary beneficiaries have established their own business. This action be replicated by just engaging with beneficiaries and through their pratical aspect of the project

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