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Development and implementing of key biodiversity area management plans

About the Implementing organization

Name: Aopo, Savaii Community

Country: Samoa

Year of establishment: 1991

Type of organization: Indigenous group or organization


The KBA Management Plans being developed by Aopo Community in partnership with the SMSMCL Project specifically focuses on the sustainable management and development of its land area which is one of the main KBA sites in Samoa. The KBA Management plan is part of the village's sustainable development plan and champions the conservation of Aopo's native forest ecosystems and species. The community has put into action other environmentally focused agreements and activities and this particular management plan will ensure the sustainable management by the Aopo villagers and their generations to come as the guardians this land area that has been recommended as one of the national heritage sites for Samoa as well as it's surrounding lands.

Nature Element

Forests / Mountains

Type of Action

Protection / Restoration / Sustainable use / Mainstreaming into sectors / Access and benefit sharing / Pollution prevention, clean up / Invasive species / Awareness and education

Sustainable Development Element

Jobs and livelihoods / Peace and security / Health / Climate action

Related Sustainable Development Goal(s)


Environmental Impacts

This effort will ensure the conservation of Aopo's cloud forest for years to come as well as the sustainable management of Aopo's natural resources and ecosystems. The Traditional Ecological Knowledge action plan which is a part of the KBA Management plan will also ensure the documentation and recording of the traditional knowledge of the present guardians and will allow the passing down of this crucial knowledge to other younger members of the community who have yet to take up the role of guardianship to not only increase their knowledge of the ecosystems and species they have in their care but also to create a sense of ownership and passionate commitment to the protection of these areas.

Sustainable Development Impacts

The implementation of the KBA management plans as part of the sustainable development village plans will positively impact on the Aopo community especially know the limited resources available to them. It will also indirectly result in the Aopo community being seen as the model village for sustainable practices and management of land and resources.


Most villages around Samoa have developed or are in the process of developing Sustainable Village Development Plans. The inclusion of the KBA Management plans in these SDVPs as well as the prioritisation of environmental activities and plans within the villages' SDVP plans is very crucial for the expansion of environmental focus and conservation practices to be made know and implemented throughout the country.


The development of sustainable development plans including KBA management plans in the likes of Aopo will create a positive trickledown effect to its neighbouring villages and communities. Furthermore, as most villages are now developing sustainable development village plans, the inclusion of the KBA, TEK management plans within these plans will ensure that all villages will replicate the process of environmental conservation.

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