Honey production , packaging and marketing

June 15, 2017

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Honey production , packaging and marketing

About the Implementing organization

Name: Beekeeping Extension Society

Country: Nigeria

Year of establishment: 2001

Type of organization: Legally recognized non-profit status


Through our activities, we have introduced numerous women and youths into honey production. In order to provide them wit good market, we have mentored few youths into sourcing funds for establishing standard honey processing and packaging outfits that are engaged in buying off the honey from the beekeepers, packaging and marketing. In order to make good markets, the packaging outfits produce honey in small sized containers and move to rural markets using supply vans attached with loud speakers . Our ultimate target is to produce honey in sachets of 20mls for marketing.

Nature Element

Forests / Wildlife

Type of Action

Protection / Restoration / Sustainable use / Awareness and education

Sustainable Development Element

Jobs and livelihoods / Food security / Health

Related Sustainable Development Goal(s)


Environmental Impacts

Bees provide pollination for most of the food we eat. Its common practice for people to burn bees alive due to fear of stings. They also engage in massive bush burning, cutting down of trees and shrubs.Traditional beekeepers are engaged in killing bees for little quantities of honey.This they do because they lack knowledge on the importance of bees and equipment for safety.
With the introduction modern beekeeping practice, killing of bees has drastically reduced, cutting down of trees has reduced, bush burning has reduced and most importantly bees are now kept for their by-products for medicinal and income generation purposes.

Sustainable Development Impacts

Through capacity building and equipment supply, local communities are now engaged in restoring forests through tree planting, bees are no more feared and killed as before. Farmers are engaged in keeping bees instead of killing bees. Women and youths see the needs to grow bees in order to make honey and beeswax for marketing for them to increase incomes. People now use honey and other bee by-products for medicinal uses.


The engagement of trained beekeepers groups in participating with Federation of Beekeepers Association of Nigeria is one leap showing the project reaching the National level and set for replication. Most especially because the Federal Ministry of Commerce and Industries is hosting the activities of the Federation of Beekeepers Association of Nigeria while the Kaduna State Ministry of Commerce and Industries is hosting activities of Kaduna state Beekeepers.


The Beekeeping Extension Society has been sponsored as trainers by Bees Abroad United Kingdom Charity to extend the ideas in other states of Nigeria, Cameroon and in Liberia through the Universal Outreach Foundation.

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