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21 initiatives community-based natural resource management and utilization

About the Implementing organization

Name: Socotra NGOs community based natural resources management and utilization initiatives

Country: Yemen

Year of establishment: 2016

Type of organization: Community-based association or organization


New initiatives were established for the first time in Socotra such as cheese production and salt production. For the first time, a vegetable market was established in Qalansia district. These initiatives improved natural resources (aloe, frankincense, medicinal plants and dragon's blood) harvesting and marketing. A shop has been established and is managed by local communities. The quality of packing has been improved to be able to reach the national and international markets. The initiatives also support the mitigation of the impacts of the cyclones by rebuilding the destroyed campsite, maintenance of the broken boats and reforestation of destroyed frankincense trees. These help in restore the local people incomes.

Nature Element


Type of Action

Restoration / Sustainable use / Awareness and education

Sustainable Development Element

Jobs and livelihoods / Food security / Disaster risk reduction / Climate action

Related Sustainable Development Goal(s)


Environmental Impacts

The community-based natural resource management initiatives contribute to poverty reduction, sustainable natural resource utilization and management, mitigating cyclones’ negative impacts. The NGOs initiatives have also protected coral reef around Dihamri and Roosh PAs by introducing 14 buoys for fishermen’s boats anchoring sites instead of traditional anchoring that destroys coral. Through this activity, around 2 square kilometers have been protected. More than 2,785 trees have been planted and protected. The NGOs also trained local community in home gardening, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable natural resources management. 170 persons have been trained (80 women and 90 men). In addition, 150 men and 100 women got special training on conservation and sustainable harvesting of endemic dragon’s blood trees. The NGOs projects started their activities only in December 2016. Projects generated revenue estimated around US$40,440 in just two months— January and February 2017— using very low estimated daily revenue.

Sustainable Development Impacts

Initiatives generated incomes and reflect the local needs. Members didn't need high experiences so anyone from local communities had the opportunity to be involved and benefit from the initiatives such as home gardens, non-timber forest products production, handicrafts, wood, palm leaves and milk. All these initiatives are based on natural resources.


The approach by which Socotra NGOs initiatives implemented has been recognized as an innovative model which could be replicated into other cities, countries in the region and internationally. The initiatives works were under close supervision of governor of Socotra and get interest from president of Yemen especially these initiatives come in the very difficult situation and bring a hope that the local community found other alternatives to face the lack of government budget. These initiatives can be easily applied on other part of the country to face the impact of war and community resilience. The diversify initiatives been appreciated by local government and encourage other organization to do the same model.


All initiatives can be easily replicated in other part of the country and in other countries. The initiatives come from the local communities and reflect their needs. All initiatives just implemented on one site but can be replicated in other parts of the island.

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