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Disaster mitigation

About the Implementing organization

Name: Trinityville Area Development Committee Benevolent Society

Country: Jamaica

Year of establishment: 1993

Type of organization: Community-based association or organization


Reforestation and training of farmers in proper land management practices such as creation of contour barriers to reduce run offs and land slides as well as composting was done as a component of various projects implemented in Trinityville.
Story boards to show disaster sites as well as history of disaster in the community were erected. This action was innovative since Trinityville is largely a farming community so, by using farmers to put these techniques into daily practice the effects of disaster in the community will be greatly minimized. Additionally, the erection of the story boards will act as a reminder for community members as well as provide history for generations.

Nature Element


Type of Action


Sustainable Development Element

Disaster risk reduction

Related Sustainable Development Goal(s)


Environmental Impacts

Less slash and burn is done by farmers as such more mineral is retained in the soil to provide moisture and nutrients to the plants. This reduces the occurrence bush fires. The reforestation of the community with timber trees and fruit trees helps to reduce run off and reduce the occurrence of land slides. All these techniques help to sustain the natural resources in Trinityville.

Sustainable Development Impacts

Trinityville is at the foothills of the Blue and John Crow mountains, as such disaster risk reduction is vital for the sustainable development of the community. With projects aimed at disaster risk reduction, safer practices in terms of housing construction and land husbandry techniques are being implemented in the community, therefore, the community will become resilient.
Additionally, the fruit trees and pineapple suckers planted will be sold as produce providing an income for families


Indeed the action could be expanded to communities that are similar to that of Trinityville, however, in order for the project to be effective, the necessary partnerships must be in place with agencies and organizations that have a vested interest in community development.


This project to reduce the impact of disasters in communities is vital for the development of communities who are vulnerable to disasters. The actions of Trinityville has been replicated in other parishes such as Jefferey Town, St. Mary Jamaica, that currently has a similar disaster risk reduction project being implemented.

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