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Implementation of Conservation and Sustainable Development Program of Central Zagros Mountains (C+SD)

About the Implementing organization


Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Year of establishment: 2005

Type of organization: Mutual international and national partnership


Formerly, there was no program to assist the government in terms of conservation and sustainable development across the area as a mountain habitat.
Zagros Project piloted some initiatives regarding SDGs and following their success, the results were scaled up to four provinces. This concept is now being incorporated in the 6th National Development Program. Currently, the project's effort heavily is focused on this as its exit strategy.
It should be noted that the issue of climate change stands among the last capacity development activities addressing resilience and adaptability. The project hopes that this issue can be defined as an independent goal to be scaled up not only to the country but also to the region, and is trying to mobilize financial resources with this regard.

Nature Element

Forests / Mountains / Wetlands / Rivers / Grasslands / Wildlife

Type of Action

Protection / Restoration / Sustainable use / Mainstreaming into sectors / Access and benefit sharing / Awareness and education / Advocacy for land & water rights

Sustainable Development Element

Jobs and livelihoods / Water security / Climate action

Related Sustainable Development Goal(s)


Environmental Impacts

Sustainable agriculture—

Steps of implementing sustainable agriculture in Zagros pilots: (attached)

After implementing agricultural techniques toward Sustainable Development Goals, these conclusions clearly observed:
1- Resource management
2- Decrease the usage of water (40%)
3- Decrease the usage of chemical pesticide (more than 40%)
4- Using new generation of breeding species of water plants in dry pilots such rice
5- Alternative livelihood such (Sholiz , Zarrin Giah) instead of the unsustainable use of forest resources like wood, especially making coil from The Zagros Oak
6- Replanting Zagros Oak by the students of Zagros pilots (Each school is a plant nursery)

Sustainable Development Impacts

Zarrin Giah is related to these SDGs:
1- No poverty
2- Zero hunger
4- Quality education
8- Decent work & economic growth
15- Life on land

Sholiz is related to these SDSs:
1- No poverty
2- Zero hunger
5- Gender equality
8- Decent work & economic growth
15- Life on land

Capacity Development is related to these SDGs:
4- Quality education
10- Reduce inequalities
11- Sustainable cities and communities
15- Life on land

Sustainable Agriculture is related to these SDGs:
1- No poverty
2- Zero hunger
3- Good health and well-being
12- Responsible consumption
13- Climate action
15- Life on land

Tourism is related to these SDGs:
8- Decent work and economic growth
9- Industry, innovation and infrastructure
15- Life on land

Nursery is related to these SDGs:
6- Clean water and sanitation
13- Climate action
15- Life on land


Zagros project scale up:
2005– 2008: Baselines studies
2008– 2010: Implementing pilot program in pilot village
2011: Midterm evaluation
2012– 2014: Completing and evaluating pilot program (pilot management) areas
2014- 2015: Preparing and settlement of long-term and large scale model for conservation and sustainable development of Central Zagros mountains
2016– 2017: System capacity development for Central Zagros mountains
Final evaluation (attached) and exit


1- Preparing the conservation and sustainable development program of Central Zagros mountains (C+SD p of CZM) (attached) including strategic goals according to Zagros piloting practical program which done before by the project for all levels : local, provincial and national levels including institutional structure for all key stakeholders (governmental and non-governmental) organizations both at local, provincial and national levels. (Refer to C+SD (attached))
2- Preparing (Integrated Sustainable Management in Agriculture document.
3- Exchanging C+SD program within provincial Governor Generals MOU, Department of Environment, Ministry of Interior affair, Planning – Budgeting organizations.
4- Visions of (C+SD) of Zagros Mountains scaled up into the 6th Development program of the Islamic Republic of Iran for all the areas in the country.

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