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Alternative to unsustainable overfishing and depletion of nearshore resources

About the Implementing organization

Name: Bali Sharks Rescue Center

Country: Indonesia

Year of establishment: 2011

Type of organization: Community enterprise or business


Educate fishermen to more specific methods to reduce by-catch waste. This preserver natural resources in near shore reef zones ecosystems. By creating rescue nurseries for sharks, rays etc. by-catch can be saved & not killed. Aqua farms can be created on direct for order basis which reduces unused catch.

Nature Element

Oceans / Coasts / Wildlife

Type of Action

Protection / Restoration / Sustainable use / Access and benefit sharing / Invasive species / Awareness and education

Sustainable Development Element

Jobs and livelihoods / Food security / Health / Climate action

Related Sustainable Development Goal(s)


Environmental Impacts

Fishery resource reduction. Sustains marine & reef ecosystems. Alternative for by catch consumption (sharks, turtles, Mantas, etc.)

Sustainable Development Impacts

Saves and organizes fish for consumption & not as much wasted.
More fish keep the reef ecosystems healthy, our oxygen, carbon storage intact.
Predator fish needed to balance out invasive.
Over all it preserves natural balance of ocean.


We have only focused on our main Bali model location but do have several expansion ideas to other countries.


Model can be easily duplicated to other areas, turned into policy, and even used for other species not only for Marine life but terrestrial. Model probably be used in agriculture as well.

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