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Co-management of multi-stakeholder partnership

About the Implementing organization

Name: Community Mangrove Forest Conservation of Baan (village) Bang La

Country: Thailand

Year of establishment: 1993

Type of organization: Community-based association or organization / Women’s association or organization


The community attempted to engage the various sectors of government officials who supported community’s voluntary initiatives on mangrove protection included the provincial vice governor who signed the MOU prepared by the community; Provincial and Tambon Administrative Organizations who participated in the opening ceremony of the building and expressed their interest to set up field offices in the building; Marine and Mangrove research Institute who gave technical advice on mangrove protection; and local universities and schools who participated in reforestation activities and expressed interest to bring their students to learn about nature life from the mangrove as part of the curriculum.

The story of Community Mangrove Forest Conservation of Baan (village) Bang La was reported in local-national newspapers with a focus on growing worries among the villagers about the construction of international yacht landing port in the Phang Nga Bay. A suggestion was made to involve community representatives in a multi-stakeholder committee to revisit the advantages and disadvantages of such project before it was pursued.

Nature Element

Forests / Oceans / Coasts / Wetlands / Wildlife

Type of Action

Protection / Restoration / Sustainable use / Access and benefit sharing / Awareness and education / Advocacy for land & water rights

Sustainable Development Element

Jobs and livelihoods / Food security / Disaster risk reduction / Peace and security / Climate action

Related Sustainable Development Goal(s)


Environmental Impacts

The community mangrove forest management and its ecosystem service conservation are reinforced by multi-stakeholders.

Sustainable Development Impacts

With the community mangrove forest management of Baan Bang La, some aspects of sustainable development are concerned and discussed such as eco-tourism and disaster risk reduction and prevention.


This community mangrove forest is important as to be a national priority as situated in vicinity of Klong Tha Ruea National Reserved Forest.

The capacity of CBO and women groups was the main driving forces of the project prompting more substantial cooperation and supports from Tambon Municipality and Provincial Administrative Organisation.


Baan Ao Kung is the community movement network of mangrove conservation in the vicinity of Ao Phang Nga National Park. The participatory process was newly rearranged bottom-to-top; from community movement up to provincial policy. There was a co-management being acquired in 2 issues; 1) wider participation group from women, youth and transgender, 2) trans-administrative boundaries participation and management.

Baan Koh Maphrao (or Coconut Island) situated in Bangla-Sapum Bay, regarding promotion of civil society awareness and participation in coastal decision making, and supporting environmentally sustainable livelihoods, Phuket Provincial Office of Agriculture has played a leading role in promoting agro-eco-tourism for the village. Floating restaurants and aquaculture appeared to be main transaction. Besides, private business; hotel and resort in the village promoted CSR and initiated a few activities on environment protection and community livelihood security.

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