Associação Ashaninka do Rio Amônia Apiwtxa

In order to protect their 87,205-hectare territory Terra Kampa do Rio Amônia from deforestation and to defend Ashaninka rights and culture, Apiwtxa has used participatory 3D mapping to demarcate and support community-based management of indigenous lands. Using innovative technology to complement widespread community engagement, Apiwtxa has created a management plan for the Ashaninka territory. The group has also set up an educational center that promotes sustainable agroforestry practices with Ashaninka communities in Brazil and Peru as well as other indigenous and non-indigenous groups and educational centers. The school places cultural exchange and social inclusion at the heart of environmental education, while leading restoration activities, and selling handicrafts and non-timber forest products through a cooperative. Through its diverse initiatives, Apiwtxa has developed a cohesive strategy to defend indigenous lands and enhance community livelihoods.


Key Facts 

Equator Prize Winner: 2017

Founded: 1993

Location: Marechal Thaumaturgo, Brazil

Biodiversity: Forests, wetlands, rivers, grasslands, wildlife


Case study

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 Equator Prize 2017

Latin America And The Caribbean

 Biodiversity Conservation

 Sustainable Forestry


Contact Information

Benki Piyãko
Coordinator of the Center Yorenka Ãtame
Marechal Thaumaturgo, Brazil


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