Dialogues: Paris, France - 2015

Dialogues: Paris, France - 2015: Day 5

Presentation of the Declarations and Global Greengrants Fund Workshop

Wednesday 2 December 2015
9:00 - 13:30


Kamand Gharun and Manizheh Hajighasemi, Persian Translator and Winner from Iran


Japy Silapan, Facilitator

Krajcberg Photo 3 copy 1

Hernando Chindoy, Wuasikamas, el Modelo del Pueblo Inga en Aponte, Colombia









The fourth day of community dialogues began with each themed cluster presenting their statements, which will later be shared at the Equator Prize Award Ceremony. Faye Fredericks from Guyana presented for the Protection and Management of Forests group. Hernando Chindoy from Colombia spoke on behalf of the Activism for Environmental Justice cluster. The statement of the Securing and Protecting Land Rights group was presented by Cristina Coc of Belize, and Farkhunda Siddiqi of Afghanistan spoke for the Adaptation and Sustainable Livelihoods group. Each group was given feedback on their messages from the other winners.

The second half of the day was devoted to a workshop with Global Greengrants Fund. Allison Davis, the Assistant Program Director, gave an overview of their programing, which involves giving small, flexible grants to community-based projects. Many of their grantees have won the Equator Prize. Three youth indigenous leaders from the Phillipines, Kenya, and Ecuador joined the workshop and shared videos that described the experience of these youth and the environmental and social challenges faced by their communities. Following this, participants were able to ask questions and advice of these youth leaders. Lilla Raja of Malaysia shared that many youth in her area are migrating to cities and posed the question of how to attract them to stay in the villages. Many participants voiced similar concerns and experiences. The workshop highlighted the importance of passing traditional knowledge onto future generations and empowering youth.

Following lunch, a group of participants went to the COP21 conference venue, Le Bourget, where they spent several hours exploring the Climate Generations Civil Society Area. Several winners were interviewed by various media outlets. Other participants attended presentations at the Indigenous Peoples’ Pavilion



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