D2 – Community Poble

July 27, 2017

Community Poble

Day 2 - October 5

Sunday marked the second day of orientation to the Community Poble and the IUCN World Conservation Congress.  Facilitators organized “ice-breaking” activities to get community members more comfortable with one another.  Communities were asked to break into working groups to establish the main points for the community statement at Monday night’s Equator Prize Award Ceremony.  Among the main points were: protection of indigenous rights, traditional knowledge in the fight against climate change, accessing money earmarked for community work but captured at the national level, alternative markets for traditional knowledge, and sustainable enterprises. The Community Declaration from the CBD COP9 in Bonn was provided as an example.  It was decided that the group needed to say who they were, why they were different from other stakeholders, emphasize indigenous knowledge and rights, and define community capacity to manage funds.

Jason Spensley, of The Nature Conservancy, provided background on the World Conservation Congress, its influence, and how it influences the conservation world.  He also reviewed the three themes of this year’s congress: A climate for change; Healthy environments, healthy people; and Safeguarding the biodiversity of life.  Communities were instructed that the best ways to influence the congress were: through sessions at the Poble; through sessions outside the Poble; through the Award Ceremony (where the focus would be on Equator Prize winners); through the Local-Global Leaders Dialogue; and through meetings arranged outside of the congress



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