D2 – Community Summit

July 27, 2017

Community Summit

Day 2 - September 16

The facilitators began by giving a recap of what was covered the previous day, and then led a session to prepare for the CNN journalist's presentation in the afternoon, covering issues such as what CNN expected from community participants and how can participants make sure their message is spread throughout the world. Next, community participants gave presentations on their community work, which continued later in the afternoon.


In the afternoon, Ramy Inocencio, a Freelance Broadcast Journalist for CNN, gave a speech on how to promote community work to the media. Replying to communities' questions about how to change the mindset of politicians and influence journalists, Ramy suggested that communities adapt a "3 C's" strategy: concise, content, and communication. He further addressed the communities' concerns on how to approach the media, providing a great amount of advice: he encouraged community participants to get in touch with the Press Club (an association of journalists) in their country when they return home; for those communities from countries where the media has been limited by the government, Ramy suggested creating a partnership with bigger and more influential organizations that concentrate on the same issues; at the local level, communities should try to establish some partnership with local media; and in response to communities' interest in using the internet as a tool to promote their work, Ramy suggested create a fan page on Facebook. Many participants found Ramy's speech very useful and shared their successful stories in gaining the media's help.


After a short break, the facilitators proposed that the participants select three speakers for the community statement awards ceremony and one speaker for the Policy Forum. Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu of the Smallholders Foundation in Nigeria was nominated to speak at the UN Special Session on Biodiversity.


Finally, the community participants were broken up into groups to discuss what message they wanted to convey to policy makers at the Special Session.



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