D11 – Community Taba

July 28, 2017


Day 11 - March 31

Community Taba, Daily Journal – Friday March 31 st, 2006




After the volunteer appreciation party of the night before, it was a quiet day at the Community Taba. Community participants, staff, and volunteers who made it out of bed began preparing the Taba site for dismantling over the coming weekend. There was a reflective mood in the air.

When most people had arrived, Sean Southey gathered together staff and participants alike and thanked everyone who had been involved. He paid special tribute to the interpreters who allowed people from far corners of the world to communicate, and to all the volunteers, who were instrumental in producing the Community Taba. He also recognized the core members of the Equator Initiative staff, Nina Kantcheva and Elspeth Halverson, who worked brutal hours to make the Taba happen.

Group photos were taken, and the sun, which had been in hiding for the past week, graciously shone down on the Taba. This marks the end of the Community Taba.



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