Community Vilaj

Day 3 - January 8

Field Visits to L'Aventure du Sucre Museum and CODEPA Project

Saturday, the 8th of January, was scheduled for field visits to the l'Aventure du Sucre Museum and the CODEPA project. There was anticipation in the air as community members met at the St. Georges Hotel at 8:30 am for the trip to l'Aventure du Sucre. During the visit to this exciting showcase of Mauritian economic and social history, community participants took in a spectacular exhibition on the story of sugar in Mauritius. Photos from the field visit can be found in the daily Photo Diary.

L'Aventure du Sucre is located in the ancient, but fully restored, Plane sugar factory and tells the history of Mauritius and the island landscape through the fascinating stories of the planters, workers and communities whose lives were - and are - inseparably bound to the sugar industry.

At 11:00 the participants departed for CODEPA community-based project. The primary objective of this innovative project is to develop and deliver comprehensive six-month training courses for Community Leaders.

Community Vilaj participants listened to presentations on CODEPA's approach and philosophy and found out more about the nature of civil society and community organization engagement in Mauritius.

The CODEPA training programme is based on the principle of ‘Sustainable Community Driven Development (SCDD), which is a concept combining training and community action. It is tailored for community leaders who need capacity building to identify, initiate and monitor community based environmental actions and related projects. During the hour-long site visit, participants were introduced to CODEPA's work and were able to better understand the way in which this group, and others, are able to work with government agencies on joint training and capacity development projects.

Having left CODEPA, participants enjoyed leisurely lunch together and took a much enjoyed opportunity to get to know each other, and each other's home countries, better in the beautiful Mauritian countryside.



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