D1 – Community Kampung

August 1, 2017

Community Kampung

Day 1 - February 5, 2004


As community delegates continued to arrive, an excited atmosphere of orientation and communion prevailed. Struggling with names from distant and unfamiliar parts of the globe each finalist donned a nametag and a repertoire of facts about their home and respective organization. Interpreters assisted those less familiar with English and soon everyone engaged in lively exchange.

The first meeting of the day was spent with introductions of the delegates, facilitators, local support staff and Equator Initiative staff. After introductions and brief explanations of their work at home and the initiatives they represent, attendees broke for lunch.

Following lunch, participants shared their vision for the Community Kampung and the upcoming parallel events. The delegates described their expectations and understanding of the space by offering representative words from their native languages. The words and their meanings, in turn, established many common themes such as sharing, education, and power. At the end of the day, the delegates collectively engaged in an art project that reflected the coming together of the group by incorporating the words expressed, and symbols of what the space means to all involved.

Still working on the completion of the site for the Community Kampung, the rest of the day was spent adding final touches that will make the space a reflection of the communities involved in its creation. Complete with items from the community delegates themselves such as traditionally constructed mats, clothes, bags and pillows, the space reflects the diversity and union of the community delegates - including the Equator Prize 2004 finalists. It is meant as a forum to both aid and represent the coming together of the people, their imagination, and their commitment to a community of sharing and learning. Although the site will only exist for the duration of the COP7, the people who have made it come alive with their stories will continue to be a village of common aspirations and drive despite physical separation.



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