Community Kampung

Day 4 - February 9, 2004

As the COP7 got underway, the Community Delegates welcomed interested parties from IDRC, SwedeBio, various NGO's, and the German Ministry (Federal Ministry for Economic Co-Operation and Development).

"We have to recognize that there are big interests in our lands and resources and we must protect our communities." - Anna Lucy Bengochea, Garifuna Emergency Committee, Honduras.

The Indigenous and Mobile Peoples were invited to use the meeting space in the Kampung as Community Delegates continued to address logistical issues in the main space.

Donato Bumacas delivered the first community presentation.

The delegates also attended a Leadership Training seminar entitled: "Leadership Skills: Aligning Values and Practices" delivered by Terry Netto of the Smithsonian Institution's innovative "Institute @". The participants learned how a leader can harness an organization's capacity and energy by identifying and aligning the values that inspire the organization/community's actions.

The Hon. Dato' Seri Law Hieng Ding (Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment Malaysia) invited all delegates to a Welcome Reception in conjunction with the COP7 and MOP1 at 7:00 pm complete with a cultural show, food and music. Hundreds of participants to the COP7/MOP1 attended to kick off the week.



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