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Better/Fair prices, unified advocacy for favorable decisions/policies/development decisions, better implementation of capacity building projects, Improvement of local traditional technologies

About the Implementing organization


Country: Kenya

Year of establishment: 2012

Type of organization: Community-based association or organization


Initially farmers would market their products as individuals. Establishment of NSSFF created a unified forum through which farmers identify markets and bargain for fair prices. Farmers are now able to identify markets by themselves within cities rather than sell them to middle men at the farms. This ensures that farmers get better prices.Unified farmers are able to supply adequate volumes of products where they are required in large volumes, As an association the cost of transporting the produce to markets far into cities is shared among farmers hence reduced resulting in higher income from sale of produce. Unified farmers are able to advocate and lobby for favorable policies, development decisions - the county government has responded by prioritising value adding technologies, water harvesting projects among others. It also ensures equitable distribution of development support. For example it is now asier for the country to plan and execute development support as per farmer groups cluster needs.Due to the unified associations it has been easy to plan and implement capacity building projects. For example for a beekeeping project, it was easy to plan for demonstration sites where farmers are taught from one location per cluster of farmer groups. This makes the trainings reach a wider population and with higher impacts than if farmers were not unified.

Nature Element

Forests / Mountains / Wetlands / Rivers / Drylands / Wildlife

Type of Action

Protection / Restoration / Sustainable use / Mainstreaming into sectors / Access and benefit sharing / Awareness and education / Advocacy for land & water rights

Sustainable Development Element

Jobs and livelihoods / Food security / Water security / Disaster risk reduction / Peace and security / Health / Renewable energy / Climate action

Related Sustainable Development Goal(s)


Environmental Impacts

A lot of awareness creation has been carried out with the support of agricultural and environment officers on relevant matters such as charcoal burning/clearing of forests/leaving land bear/sand harvesting/non-distubance of wildlife etc. The African Union is supporting a beekeeping project for transitioning to modern beekeeping practices, the county government has assisted with construction of dams, sand dams have been constructed across some seasonal rivers, county government has set up a system for arresting illegal sand harvesting, logging, killing of wildlife. Extension officers support farmers on request.

Sustainable Development Impacts

The forum projects are geared to promote integrated sustainable agricultural practices that would ensure enhanced production which does not compromise environmental wellness, and that would lead to assured economic gains resulting in economic empowerment, food security, better housing and living conditions, access to social ammenities and improved infrustracture. The activities have incorporated awareness creation, trainings, demonstration sites, involvement of relevant stakeholders. Farmers have been trained, learned and practicing good agricultural practices, choice and handling of agro-chemicals, choice of draught resistant crops, , beekeeping as a biodiversity supportive yet economic gaining practice, construction of gabions to prevent soil erosion, not to hunt and kill wildlife. Farmers have learned the nutritious value of their traditional crops and resumed growing of crops that are rich in nutritional elements.


NSSFF is a member of the larger national forum - the Smallholders Farmers Forum (SFA). SFA members learn from each other. Projects implemented by NSSFF are shared with others in similar climatic regions and vise versa. NSSFF also through SFA - which is a member of the Eastern and South African Small Scale Farmers Forum - learns or shares lessons learned with other farmers in Africa.The chair of NSSFF is the National Coordinator of SFA


Other regions of Kenya could organise themselves in the same manner - by grouping small scale farmers into associations through which farmers can self manage and lobby for better gainful sustainable agriculture. Through SFA, NSSFF encourages other counties to self establish and self manage.

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