Conselho Indígena de Roraima

Founded in 1990 to advocate for the autonomy of the indigenous peoples in Brazil’s northernmost state, Conselho Indígena de Roraima (Indigenous Council of Roraima) brings together nearly 55,000 indigenous people from the Macuxi, Wapichana, Taurepang, Ingarikó, Wai-Wai, Yanomami, Ye'kuana, Patamona, and Sapará groups. In 2010, the group achieved the demarcation of the 1.7 million-hectare territory of Raposa Serra do Sol. In a complementary initiative to ensure sustainable management of their land, Conselho Indígena de Roraima created the Indigenous Training and Culture Center Raposa Serra do Sol (CIFCRSS) in 1996 to provide training to indigenous peoples of Roraima in agroecology practices, promoting crop diversity, and strengthening the conservation of traditional seeds. These activities contribute to the resilience of these groups against the effects of climate change. The organization continues to advocate for recognition of indigenous tenure rights.


Key Facts 

Equator Prize Winner: 2019

Founded: 1990

Location: State of Roraima, Brazil

Ecosystem: Forests


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 Equator Prize 2019

  Latin America and the Caribbean

 Sustainable Forestry



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Enock Barroso Tenente


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