Boon Rueang Wetland Forest Conservation Group

The Boon Rueang Wetland Forest Conservation Group formed in response to threats against the largest wetland forest in the Ing River Basin in Northern Thailand. The community has maintained stewardship over the 483 hectare forest through coordinated advocacy and dialogue with stakeholders, while pursuing a successful community forestry model under a landscape conservation paradigm. Education, mobilization, fundraising, and extensive research on the rich biodiversity and significant economic value of the wetland forest all have ensured the protection of an ecosystem critical to providing natural water reserves for agriculture and consumption, habitats for wildlife, acting as carbon storage and preserving the biodiversity of the Indo-Burma Region. Through thoughtful advocacy, the group achieved the reversal of an earlier administrative decision to use Boon Rueang wetland forest for industrial purposes. The wetland forest is now protected as a community inheritance for generations to come.

Key facts 

Equator Prize Winner: 2020

Year of establishment: 2015

Location: Chiang Rai, Thailand

Ecosystem: Forests, wetlands and rivers


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Pichayechapong Kuruprachayamak

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