Associação Bebô Xikrin do Bacajá

Founded in 2003, the Associação Bebô Xirin do Bacajá is a non-profit Indigenous organization representing the Xikrin People of the Trincheira Bacajá Indigenous Land. A women-led initiative that sustainably promotes the Babassu coconut oil supply chain and handicrafts as an economic alternative for the Xikrin people. This project is improving the quality of life and social well-being of the Indigenous communities at the same time that it protects the lands from deforestation.

The association is composed of men and women from all villages and acts as a mother association of the Trincheira-Bacajá Indigenous Land. Their work aims to incorporate all the villages in the Xikrin territory and has made efforts in this direction with the approval of projects of collective interest such as the production and sale of handcrafted items or babassu coconut oil produced by women, joint actions for territorial monitoring, strengthening of traditional cultural practices and dissemination of information for political impact with the objective of protecting social and territorial rights.

Key Facts 

Equator Prize Winner: 2022

Year of establishment: 2003

Location: Altamira, Brazil

Ecosystem: Forests


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Bebere Tekakmeiti


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