RED TICCA “Territorios de Vida en Argentina”

The ICCA Network 'Territories of Life in Argentina' (RED TICCA) is an autonomous political organization of Indigenous peoples for the recognition and application of Indigenous rights and the defense of their territories at the national level. RED TICCA’s work promotes political recognition of Indigenous peoples as bearers of a millenary wisdom regarding the protection of nature and ancestral guardians of the territory.

The network is groundbreaking in its ability to bridge communities throughout the country to achieve food sovereignty, access to clean water, improved public health, intergenerational equity and gender equality. The communities have also protected their ancestral lands by joining the global ICCA Consortium, a global movement to protect the territories of Indigenous Peoples and local communities (a.k.a “Territories of Life”). RED TICCA has connected and empowered the Indigenous peoples of Argentina and has reaffirmed their ownership over their territories, culture, and natural resources - a historic step for Indigenous rights and recognition in Argentina.

Key Facts 

Equator Prize Winner: 2022

Year of establishment: 2015

Location: Jujuy, Tumbaya, Argentina

Ecosystem: Forests, Grasslands and drylands


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Contact Information

Julio Cesar Valdiviezo
Indigenous leader and Technician


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