Uru Uru Team

The Uru Uru Team was initiated in 2019 by Indigenous youth from the Urus community in Southwestern Bolivia. Their goal was to protect Uru Uru Lake, which has been facing severe pollution issues caused by waste from the nearby city of Oruro. This pollution poses a threat to the Indigenous community, local flora and fauna, and an internationally recognized wetland under the Ramsar convention. As a solution, the Uru Uru Team developed floating rafts that blend Indigenous knowledge with the scientific principles of phytoremediation. These rafts, made from recycled materials and native plants which absorb heavy metals and contaminants, have successfully reduced lake pollution by 30 percent. Through the capacity building efforts of the initiative, the Urus community managed to establish a community garden to support the maintenance of the rafts and generate income. The Uru Uru team showcases an effective model to ensure the well-being of an Indigenous community, preserve their knowledge and cultural identity, while curbing lake pollution to protect biodiversity.

Key Facts 

Equator Prize Winner: 2023

Year of establishment: 2019

Location: Oruro, Oruro, Bolivia

Ecosystem: Wetlands and rivers


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Contact Information

Dayana Blanco and Gabriela Tronconi
Young Leader and Project Representative


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