Equator Prize 2021 - Call for nominations

This year’s Equator Prize will recognize innovative initiatives from local communities andIndigenous peoples that demonstrate exceptional achievements in nature-based solutions forlocal sustainable development.

Award Ceremony

Equator Prize 2020 Award Ceremony
Honoring 10 outstanding Indigenous and local communities showcasing innovative, nature-based solutions for tackling biodiversity, climate change, development, and poverty challenges.
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Applying the hard lessons of coronavirus to the biodiversity crisis
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 Solutions Database

Nature-Based Solutions
Learn how outstanding local communities and indigenous peoples make possible the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals through nature-based actions.
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The Equator Initiative provides opportunities for indigenous peoples and local communities around the world to address the challenges of land degradation, biodiversity conservation and livelihood improvement in a socially equitable manner


















Advocating for Global Change


Featured Community

Baltistan Wildlife Conservation and Development Organization (BWCDO)

Tackling acute human-snow leopard conflicts in Pakistan, Baltistan Wildlife Conservation and Development Organization (BWCDO) protects Baltistan’s snow leopards by providing economic incentives to local farmers in 17 villages through insurance schemes and financial compensation against livestock losses following snow leopard attacks.


We believe in the power of knowledge sharing. Equator Initiative's E-Library provides a series of publications, case studies and other resources specifically created to be shared among the communities, partners and  government. 



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The Equator Initiative is a multi-sector partnership that brings together the United Nations, governments, civil society, and grassroots organizations.


Since 2002 Equator Initiative has been supporting 208 local communities and indigenous peoples from 70 countries  that are advancing nature-based solutions for local sustainable development.

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