Sociedad de Productores de Cultivos Tradicionales de Aharam

Aharam Traditional Crops Producers' Company works with socially marginalized rural producers to conserve biodiversity in the semi-arid Ramnad Plains of Tamil Nadu state. The initiative uses a producer group model focused on women and landless labourers to promote organic farming practices that improve crop diversity and agro-biodiversity. The group's work has aimed at reducing dependence on cotton cultivation by increasing the commercial viability of farming of small-scale crops and harvesting of medicinal plants. The company is able to add value to these processes through supply chain management and secondary processing, thereby guaranteeing a fair price for organically-certified commodities bought in bulk directly from producer groups.

As well as supplying training in organic farming practices, the initiative has encouraged the formation of savings and micro-credit self-help groups, as well as supporting fledgling micro-enterprises.


Datos clave 

Equator Prize Winner: 2006

Founded: 2003

Location: Tamil Nadu state, southern India

Beneficiaries: 15,000 rural small-scale producers

Biodiversity: drylands and agroBiodiversity


Estudio de caso

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 Premio Ecuatorial 2006

 Asia y el Pacífico

 Conservación de la biodiversidad

 Ecoagricultura y seguridad alimentaria

 Adaptación comunitaria al cambio climático

Gestión de zonas áridas


Información de contacto

Mr. N. Muthu Velyudham
Managing Director
Ellis Nagar, Madurai City, Tamilnadu India
Tel: +91 452 2607762
Fax: +91 452 2300 369

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