Consejo Regional Tsimané Mosetene (CRTM, Consejo Regional Tsimané Mosetene de Pilón Lajas)

Consejo Regional Tsimané Mosetene (CRTM, Tsimané Mosetene Regional Council of Pilón Lajas) works in Bolivia's Biosphere Reserve to conserve biodiversity and to protect the rights of the indigenous peoples within the Reserve. The Regional Council jointly manages the Reserve with Bolivia's National Service of Protected Areas.

In addition to safeguarding wildlife in the protected area by tackling poaching, advancing sustainable agriculture and developing a forestry management plan, the Regional Council group has been involved in the construction of schools in 14 different communities. Additional activities aimed at improving local livelihoods include organic honey production, the establishment of associations for coffee and cocoa growers, and support for local artisans.


Datos clave 

Equator Prize Winner: 2010

Founded: 1992

Location: La Paz and Beni Departments, Bolivia

Beneficiaries: 22 indigenous communities

Biodiversity: Pilón Lajas Biosphere Reserve


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Información de contacto

Clemente Caymani
Calle Campero esquina Busch,
Rurrenabaque, Beni
312372, Bolivia
Tel: 59 173 006 545


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