Fundación Comunitaria de Shompole

Shompole Group Ranch covers almost 62,700 hectares of grassland and savannah in the Magadi Division of southern Kenya. The Group Ranch, under the management of the legally-registered Shompole Community Trust, has 2,000 registered members representing around 10,000 Loodokilani Maasai dependents, and is legally registered to undertake wildlife conservation within its boundaries.

Since the late 1990s, the Shompole communities have sought to generate income from ecotourism, leveraging the ranch's unique biodiversity values for the benefit of local residents. The community has set aside 10,000 hectares for strict conservation, and in partnership with a private investor manages a luxury eco-lodge that attracts visitors from across the globe. Revenue from ecotourism has been directed through the Shompole Community Trust into protecting and restoring the environment and funding healthcare services, education, and water projects.


Datos clave 

Equator Prize Winner: 2006

Founded: 2000

Location: Kajiado District, southern Kenya

Beneficiaries: Over 10,000 Loodokilani Maasai

Biodiversity: 10,000 ha wildlife conservation area


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Información de contacto

Ole Petenya Yusuf-Shani
Shompole Community Trust
P.O. Box 24124
Nairobi, Kenya - 00502
Tel: +254 20 3533338
Cell: +254 20 564059


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