Asociación Comunitaria "Bolívar Tello Cano

Asociación Comunitaria “Bolívar Tello Cano” is reducing deforestation by providing a sustainable income-generation activity for local indigenous communities that does not require cutting down trees. The association has worked with researchers to pioneer a technique to extract the essential oils from the seeds of the Palo Santo tree. The oil has commercial value for use in perfumes and food flavoring, and is being harvested and marketed by a community-owned company. Association activities have created jobs, improved local livelihoods and reduced pressure on surrounding forests. A 4,500-hectare protected area has been created for sustainable harvesting activities, which has substantially reduced illegal logging. The association is a leading example of a community-driven partnership between indigenous communities, government and the private sector.

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 Premio Ecuatorial 2014

Latin America And The Caribbean

 Ecoagricultura y seguridad alimentaria

 Silvicultura sostenible


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Barrio Malvas - Zapotillo
San Cayetano Alto
Loja 110150


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