COP 26 - the climate negotiations that took place last month in Glasgow - brought a groundswell of engagement of Indigenous peoples and local communities. Indigenous peoples’ representatives were the second-largest civil society group present in Scotland, second only to the oil and gas lobby. Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs) have always stewarded and sustainably managed their ancestral lands. The recognition and respect of their rights and knowledge in international climate agendas is crucial. And yet, the inclusion of their perspectives in climate negotiations has historically been limited.

Somos los guardianes de ecosistemas que están desapareciendo
Nous sommes les gardiens d’écosystèmes en voie de disparition
We are the guardians of vanishing ecosystems
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Indigenous women at the forefront of transformational change
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Equator Prize 2022 winners showcase Indigenous and local solutions for people and planet
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The value of water equals the value we attach to life
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