Asociación de Mujeres Ixpiyakok (ADEMI, Association des femmes d'Ixpiyakok)


The Asociación de Mujeres Ixpiyakok (ADEMI, Ixpiyakok Women's Association) brings together 30 groups of Maya women in Chimaltenango to improve local food security and nutrition through organic family farms and seed banks. Originally launched as a credit and savings program for local women, the association has expanded into health and education service provision, as well as advocacy for women’s rights. The association supports the creation of family farms, provides guidance on organic farming techniques, and promotes the cultivation of native heirloom species such as chipilín, quilete, and native chilies.

Training is also provided to ‘community educators’ on health, food security and nutrition. Household gardens provide local women with surplus crops that can be sold in local markets to generate an additional source of income.  Each self-help group maintains a central seed bank, which has increased local access to native plants and reduced dependence on external inputs.  Each group also maintains a tree nursery for fruit tree propagation, which adds diversity and earning capacity to family gardens and farms.


Key Fact

Equator Prize Winner: 2004

Founded: 1996

Location: Kalinga Province

Beneficiaries: indigenous Kalinga farmers

Biodiversity: forest and watershed management


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 Prix Équateur 2012

Latin America and The Caribbean

 Conservation de la biodiversité

 Écoagriculture et sécurité alimentaire

 Adaptation communautaire au changement climatique



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